Lets scrape some tweets!!1

Want to scrape a handful of tweets? but don’t want to sign up for twitter developer or break your head going through tons of API’s or copy paste one tweet after the other? Then you have come to the right place!

Things to get started

  • Basic understanding of Rest API’s
  • Your favourite Rest API tool
  • 10 minutes

In brief

  1. api.twitter.com/1.1/guest/activate.json to get the x-guest-token header
  2. api.twitter.com/2/timeline/profile/{rest_id}.json?count={numTweets} to get the actual tweets
  3. api.twitter.com/graphql/esn6mjj-y68fNAj45x5IYA/UserByScreenName?variables={"screen_name":"{userHandle}","withHighlightedLabel":false} to get rest_id from a twitter handle
  4. authentication header for bearer token


The authorization : Bearer AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANRILgAAAAAAnNwIzUejRCOuH5E6I8xnZz4puTs%3D1Zv7ttfk8LF81IUq16cHjhLTvJu4FA33AGWWjCpTnA header seems to be invariant, incase if it ever changes, just inspect one of the API requests headers in your browser to get it, make sure to include it in every request. The next important bit is the x-guest-token header, that’s what permits you to make any tweet fetching API requests. Acquire it by making a POST the /1.1/guest/activate.json endpoint, don’t forget to include the authorization header.

At this point you’re ready to fetch some tweets but first you need rest_id which identifies a twitter user. To acquire it, GET the /esn6mjj-y68fNAj45x5IYA/UserByScreenName endpoint. Include x-guest-token and authorization headers. Substitute userHandle in the query part variables={"screen_name":"{userHandle}","withHighlightedLabel":false} with the twitter handle of the user, for ex. variables={"screen_name":"theasf","withHighlightedLabel":false} (Apache Foundation’s twitter handle). The esn6mjj-y68fNAj45x5IYA in the path seems to be a graphQl query hash so its invaraint, but, if it does change, inspect the API requests in your browser to acquire the new value. The response is a JSON, and you can get rest_id using the JSONPath $.data.user.rest_id.

Now we’re truly ready to fetch some tweets, armed with the 2 headers and rest_id, GET the api.twitter.com/2/timeline/profile/{rest_id}.json?count={numTweets} API to fetch numTweets number of tweets ( sometimes a few more) . Include both authorizaton and x-guest-token headers. The tweets are contained as key-value pairs, with the tweet id being the key, I’ll leave the exploration of the value object up to you. Use $.globalObjects.tweets to fetch the key-value tweets map.

That’s all folks!